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Sikeston Area Economic Development Corporation

Mike Marshall announced he will retire as President, and CEO of the Sikeston Regional Chamber and Area Economic Development, Corp.


“Our community has really come together around the Chamber, and they believe in our economic development efforts, said former mayor Steven Burch. "This is in large part due to the relationships, the structure, and the team that Mike was able to build. The impact of what Mike has accomplished is going to be felt in our community for many years to come, and for that I am very grateful."

See full retirement announcement here.


“The Sikeston Regional Chamber of Commerce and Area Economic Development Board will begin recruiting a new President and CEO in March and are looking for a strong leader to continue Sikeston’s economic growth momentum,” said Heather Couch, chairman of the Sikeston Area Economic Development Corporation's Board of Directors.

The Sikeston Community

Sikeston, Missouri has road, river, runway and rail for business and industry looking to grow, develop, or relocate. Sikeston is strategically located at the northern most point of the Mississippi Delta in Southeast Missouri.

  • 150 miles from Memphis or St. Louis
  • Two miles from Interstates 55 and 57
  • Along designated future Interstate 57
  • A Missouri Certified Site
  • An industrial site located in a federally-designated zone
  • 22 miles from the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers

Sikeston is an ideal location for business and industry in the heart of America. For more information contact Mike Marshall, president and CEO, at 573-471-2498 or


Sikeston agripark is 62 acres set aside to foster innovation related to agriculture, bio-based industries, fiber and food production. The agripark will accommodate the needs of food and agriculture companies with leasing, purchase space and access to colleges with agriculture faculty and facilities. Click here to view a fact sheet about the park. Click here to view a short video of the agripark.

2020 Difference Makers: Alan Keenan

Alan Keenan, CEO Alan Wire Co.

2020 Difference Makers: William Marshall & Kenny King

Sikeston Municipal Memorial Airport is an asset for economic development

Sikeston Municipal Airport

Tetra Pak in Sikeston receives funding through Missouri One Start.

Map of 57 image
Future I57 Road Improvements

See proposed road improvements to the south end of Sikeston here. Call (573) 471-2498 or email to learn more about the "Future I57 Project".

Progress with Partnership

Progress-with-Partnership iMAGE

The Sikeston Area Economic Development Corporation (SAEDC) recently launched the Progress with Partnership initiative to recruit and retain the best businesses and industry for the Sikeston region. The SAEDC announced its strategic goals and its intention to focus on what makes Sikeston an ideal location for retail, industry and development. Please click here for partnership opportunities. For more information on Progress with Partnership contact Mike Marshall, CEO (573) 471-2498 or

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